Yahoo, its Friday and I am in Texas.

It is a little cold here today.

My son has the sniffles and is extra cranky.

But whats a mom to do other than sit and snuggle with him a little more.

My puppies are outside and i am going to go get them as I am sure there freezing.

What do you have planned for the weekend?

As for us it is Housework and more housework so we will be ready for Thanksgiving.

If the little one feels better at all tomorrow we may go to the Mall to play.

If not I will be hitting the RedBox machine and renting lots of movies for him to watch.

Hubby is going to make Homemade Chicken Soup for him.

Then tomorrow he is making Potatoe Salad and Brisket for me.

See Ladies there are some good men out there.

He does this so I can work my businesses.

May everyone have a Blessed weekend.

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