Thanksgiving is this week.

But I think we need to be Thankful all year.

So I would like to share what I am Thankful for then have you do the same.

I am Thankful for God and the world he gave us.

My son and husband.

My daughter who is no longer here.

As well as my friends.

Yahoo, its Friday and I am in Texas.

It is a little cold here today.

My son has the sniffles and is extra cranky.

But whats a mom to do other than sit and snuggle with him a little more.

My puppies are outside and i am going to go get them as I am sure there freezing.

What do you have planned for the weekend?

As for us it is Housework and more housework so we will be ready for Thanksgiving.

If the little one feels better at all tomorrow we may go to the Mall to play.

If not I will be hitting the RedBox machine and renting lots of movies for him to watch.

Hubby is going to make Homemade Chicken Soup for him.

Then tomorrow he is making Potatoe Salad and Brisket for me.

See Ladies there are some good men out there.

He does this so I can work my businesses.

May everyone have a Blessed weekend.


WoW we are getting a lot of vistors from the Hop

I am so glad I am getting to meet everyone.

I thought I would let you know I am running a special.

If you buy anything from my Mia Bella Candles site I will give you 20% back.

Please check out my site at:

Once there Please sign up to win a Mia Bella Candle and a Bella Bar.

Charlie my sonhas a Bird named Polly and Polly wants to know when the Bird Hop is.

She says she would Love to get Gifts too.

I am a Beautiful Green Parakeet and my cage could use some Bling,

So is there anyone out there that sells items for Birds?

Its my first Christmas here and I need to make my list.

I do not want to be left out and so Santa will need to know what I would like for Christmas.

My Sandi and Lucy wanted to welcome you all to the Pet Hop

They are so look forward to entering all the Blogs and winning some great gifts for themselves.

Only Sandi my Rat Terrior says why is she entering a Pet Hop as she is not a Dog but a Girly Girly.

Do you have a Dog like that?

How did your Dogs get there name and what kind are they?

I have Sandi my Rat Terrior and she is named from the Movie Grease and yes we are Movie Buffs here and she does watch it.

Luch is from Snoopy and the Peanuts Gang as my sons name is Charlie and I call him Peanuts.

She is a Chi Weenie and we got her from my Step Daughter as a Christmas Present for my son.

Then I have Frenchie again from Greas and she was a Mutt my husband found her coming home from work one day but she was to big for my apartment and so she lives at my Mom and Dads in Oklahoma.

She had pups this year and so my Borther brought my son one of her babies down here and my son named her Baby B. She what you get when a 2 year old names your dog. She looks like a Baby Bethovian and so this is why she is Baby B.

Giveaway Blog Hop for Pets

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I wanted to stop by and see how everyones Halloween was?

We had so much fun. My son is 2 1/2 and we managed to Trick or Treat most of the week. Which made is exciting as he got to do something every day. Which is quite different from this week when it is cold and rainy and we have been inside the last couple days. This is not something he is used to so it has been quite a challenge. Only we are still having fun as we are watching movies and coloring more. Tomorrow is my Birthday. I will be 46. o we may have a lunch date tomorrow with a really good friend. If we do we will eat her so her and him can play.

What has your week been like? How is the Weather? What did you do for Halloween? What did the kids dress up as? My son was a Mechanic as he Loves tools and being able to work on things so it was a perfect fit.

Have you started to think of Thanksgiving? Have you got the day planned?. Do you know what you will fix? Or will you go somewhere? This is our first time in our own home so I am thinking I will cook a old Fashioned meal. It just puzzles me as to have much to fix as no one will commit to coming. So how would you handle this? Would you only make enough for your family?


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